What is a compounding pharmacy?

Types of Compounding

Compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications to meet specific patient needs. With a prescription from your doctor, the specially trained and licensed pharmacists at Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy can change dosage strength, adjust dosage form to a more comfortable application or combine medications with helping achieve better results.


Sterile compounding prepares custom medications for patients in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety.  Medications are compounded in a clean room with a controlled airflow environment free from bacteria, viruses, and potentially infectious microorganisms.  This type of compounding is used to make injections, such as Low-dose HCG or Microdose Lupron, IVs or eye drops.

Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy prepares compounds to meet specific needs based on your symptoms, body weight, and pain tolerance and find the most efficient course of treatment. For convenience, we can frequently combine your medications into a single capsule or topical preparation.


Create a medication in a clean environment that may require either a sterile or non-sterile environment. This type of compounding is used for injections, oral, topical such as testosterone, and suppositories such as progesterone or estradiol.


Non-sterile compounding products such as ointments, and topical gels allow solutions and modifications to meet a patient’s needs.  medications are compounded in a clean environment.

This compounding is used for medications taken orally, such as pills and liquids swallowed by the patient, or administered topically, such as ointments and creams like nitroglycerin rubbed into the skin.

Veterinary Compounding

We consider ourselves your specialized veterinary pharmacy, providing for those with special needs. There are only a few commercially available strengths and dosage forms that meet the needs of these animals. We can make medicating pets easier by providing different dosage forms.

Our pharmacists collaborate with the pet owner and veterinarian to create a medication specific to each pet’s health condition. We ensure that our composite prescription drugs are thoroughly tested and meet your expected high-quality standards. 

Fertility options for Men

Infertility is a common issue, with more than five million couples in the United States dealing with this problem. Infertility affects one in every six couples who are trying to conceive. In at least half of all infertility cases, a male factor is a major or contributing cause. This means that about 10% of all males in the United States who are attempting to conceive suffer from infertility.

Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy specializes i,n all areas of fertility including fertility for men.  Please contact us to learn more.

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